When to Hire a Lawyer

Following an injury caused by an accident, it is often difficult for the injured person or that person’s family to decide when or if a lawyer should be hired. This is true because the injured person is preoccupied with dealing with the trauma and incapacity resulting from the injury itself, seeking and receiving medical care, and dealing with the financial consequences of being unable to work.

It is also true that many people naively believe that an insurance company will treat them fairly and that they can take care of their claim themselves. Unfortunately, delaying the hiring of a lawyer can have disastrous consequences. This is particularly true if your claim involves or is dependent upon the collection and preservation of physical evidence. An example of this situation is an accident caused by a defective product. Unless the product is preserved in the same fashion it was in at the time of the event, there is no case. Another example is a vehicular accident involving a dispute as to who caused the accident. Unless physical evidence is preserved and a thorough examination of the scene is made, accident reconstruction experts cannot recreate the accident with accuracy.

This is extremely important in accidents involving 18-wheelers. In those cases it is usual for the trucking companies and their insurers to have investigators on the scene the same day or the next day and those persons are not there to protect your interest. As for believing that the at-fault party’s insurance companies will be fair, remember that insurance companies make money by collecting premiums on the one hand and keeping pay-outs to a minimum on the other. Also, every study of the issue shows that claimants with attorneys receive more than claimants without an attorney. My advice is to consult a lawyer as soon after an accident as is possible. Better safe than sorry.

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