Food Insecurity

The timing is jarring. Our Brazos Valley Food Bank is hosting its annual Feast of Caring fundraiser on August 7, 2019. The success of this event is crucial to the thousands of food-insecure people in our area. While the Food Bank works hard to make its fundraiser a success so it can fulfill its mission, the Trump administration announced that it is stripping 3 million people of federal food stamp benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). 36 million people receive food stamps. According to Trump administration officials, the change in policy will save $2.5 billion annually. I’m not saying $2.5 billion is chickenfeed, but the cost of Trump=s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans is fast approaching a trillion dollars. And, as another point of reference, recall that Trump has guaranteed farmers hurt by his trade wars $28 billion in relief. Obviously, Trump’s action harms poor children and poor families. Nevertheless, taking away “welfare” from “welfare queens” is a cherished part of Republican ideology that just won’t go away, no matter what the actual facts may be.

The Brazos Valley Food Bank and food banks all over the country serve the vital purpose of feeding hungry families. Trump’s mean spirited action may help him politically with some, but it makes the job of the Brazos Valley Food Bank and all other food banks just that much bigger.

Please support the Brazos Valley Food Bank.